Nearby Attractions

Manakula Vinayagar Temple

This temple is dedicated to Lord Ganesha and was established more than 5 centuries ago! It is a popular pilgrimage site. It is located so close to Seethala that our guests usually start their day with the auspicious toll of bells from the temple.

Paradise Beach

The beach is a stone’s throw away from Seethala. Our guests can walk to the shoreline and enjoy the view of the Promenade and the catamarans on the magnificent Bay of Bengal.


If retail therapy excites you, there is a Hidesign boutique that you can splurge at. If you’re in the mood for some street shopping, you could walk to the Sunday Market—it is one that can put any European flea market to shame!

Aurobindo Ashram

The ashram was founded in 1926 and since then, has become Pondicherry’s biggest tourist attraction. Whether you just want to meditate in peace or participate or read at the spiritual committee’s library, Aurobindo Ashram welcomes tourists with open arms.


Every evening, the tropical town of Pondicherry comes alive with excellent restaurants like Hotel d’ Orient, various resto pubs, and places to dance and unwind. If that isn’t your jam, you could just do some people-watching at the Promenade and then come back for a cool shower some well-earned beauty sleep.


Just hop into a cab or take a bus to Auroville and experience the amazing and unconventional lifestyle that brings together thousands of humanists from around the globe!