Can a Short Getaway Be More Refreshing than a Week-Long Vacation?

Wanting to take a break from your hectic life but don’t have too many vacation days to spare? Wondering if you should still take an unpaid vacation or just get away for the weekend?

While a vacation has its benefits, you’d be surprised to know that a short getaway for two to three days can be equally—if not more—refreshing! Research also says that short getaways are much better for your mental health than long vacations as you are able to disconnect far more easily, without worrying too much about work, family, or your pets back home.

But if that didn’t convince you, read on to know the perks of short getaways and decide for yourself.

  • You don’t need too many days off work: Irrespective of if you’re salaried or self-employed, we all have a lot riding on us and cannot take off for too long.  In such scenarios, a day’s leave combined with the weekend is more than enough to help you get away for a bit.
  • It’s far more affordable: Other than your travelling expenses, all your costs are cut in half! When you save on stay, food, and pet/babysitting expenses, you may be able to splurge on yourself on the trip.
  • It doesn’t need too much planning: You can just pack, pick up, and go!
  • Get the ‘Happiness Rest’ more frequently: Since they’re inexpensive and affordable, you can afford far more such trips without having to dig into your pockets too much.
  • Build anticipation multiple times a year: Studies say that the anticipation of going on a trip is one of the best things about the trip! Experience this rush as frequently as possible by taking multiple affordable trips throughout the year, rather than just once during a big vacation.

Make diverse memories: After the short-lived excitement of being on a trip, what stays with us forever are the memories we made on then. When you take a lot more trips in a year than just a big, long vacay, you tend to make many more memories in many different locations.

Whether you’re planning a short trip to Pondicherry or a long vacation, contact Seethala so we can help you unwind.

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